The world’s fascinating Masala fruits meet India’s best flavours. We choose the choicest genuine dried natural fruits from around the world and covered them in a portion of our mystery masala blends to make them solid Tasty snacks.

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What is Karchi Kadhai Masala Fruits?

India is a particularly different country, it brings a wide scope of claims to fame and food varieties to the table; every locale offers something novel that everybody appreciates. Yet, natural products are the ones that bring together the country. Going from Lychees from Bihar to Oranges from Nagpur to Mango from Gujrat to Strawberry from Maharashtra and Cherry from Himachal , organic fruits are intensely imported from the world inside the nation so everybody can appreciate them. They are tasty and has an amazing wellspring of Vitamins, Minerals or Nutrition.

At Karchi Kadhai we have accompanied a fantastic method for partaking in their normal goodness with the bit of masala, all as the year progressed. Our wide assortment of 15 masala fruits is mouth-watering and solid delicacy that satisfies your taste buds with its outlandish flavour.

Karchi Kadhai is an idea that plans to advance a solid way of life by conveying nature’s touch to your doorstep, enveloped by the most flawless prerequisite for carrying on with a sound life. We are committed to dispensing with debasement and giving valid, regular, and natural things to our clients. They are sustained by a group of moms that serves the decency of genuine natural product with the spot of masala.

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What is Dried Masala Fruits?

Dried fruit is fruit that has had almost all of the water content removed through drying methods.

The fruit shrinks during this process, leaving a small, energy-dense dried fruit.

Raisins are the most common type, followed by dates, prunes, figs and apricots.

Other varieties of dried fruit are also available, sometimes in candied form (sugar coated). These include mangoes, pineapples, cranberries, bananas and apples.

Masala Dried fruit can be preserved for much longer than fresh fruit and can be a handy snack, Masala Fruits particularly on long trips where refrigeration is not available.

13 Health Benefits of Masala Fruits:

  1. Increases nutrient intake
  2. Prevents and controls diabetes
  3. Boosts the immune system
  4. Improves colon and digestive health
  5. Reduces anxiety and depression symptoms
  6. Aids healthy pregnancies
  7. Promotes weight loss
  8. Prevents bone-related illnesses
  9. Improves heart health
  10. Keeps skin healthy
  11. Prevents anemia and hypertension
  12. Reduces the risks of mental illnesses
  13. Boosts energy

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When it comes to freshness, taste, and quality, our delicacies are the delights of choice for holidays, presents, and daily consumption from Diwali ,Holi , Rakhi, Ramzan ,Christmas, Corporate Gifting
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Karchi kadhai gather exotic Masala fruit delicacies from all over the world and deliver them at the most reasonable prices while maintaining the highest level of quality.

Mini Masala Fruits Box of 6 is a combination of 6 Masala fruits of 60 g each. Its a great way to gift anyone good health and great taste.
Mini MasalaFruits Box of 6 is a combination of 6 Masala fruits of 60 g each. Its a great way to gift anyone good health and great taste.

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It gives us immense pleasure and joy to deliver such healthy & tasty collection of fruits as after meal to all age groups. Our product quality is well maintained as well as pass through several food safety checks to ensure you always get the best. We are here to serve the community with homemade chemical free products and our commitment will remain intact.

If you find any issues, feel free to connect with us.